Monday, September 17, 2007

Development Update

Check out this comprehensive update from DC Mud Blog on Eckington

Attracting decidedly less media attention, Eckington, its immediate neighbor to the north, has nonetheless been discovered by local developers not quite ready for an Akridge-sized purchase of air rights over railroad yards, but who view the more than 10 million square feet of commercial space being built on its southern edge as an invitation to develop the residential market.

The whole article is here

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Response From DCFD on Fire Hydrants

As you are aware the DC Fire Department undertook an accelerated fire hydrant risk assessment program after the recent fires in Georgetown and Capitol Hill.

The Fire Department Testing Program was designed around the 33 Engine Companies local alarm districts throughout the city. The list just effecting Ward 5 can be broken out however it will take a few days to process this request.

I can report to you that DCFD has tested 10174 fire hydrants in the District of Columbia with 1098 were placed Out of Service. As of today there is less then 300 fire hydrants in the city that remain Out of Service. DC WASA is the agency that is responsible to schedule the repair or replacement, in 5-10 days.

With a fire hydrant that is out of service, I can understand your concern for the safety of yourself, family members and others. The District of Columbia Fire Department has trained our commanders to make tactical decisions that modify our alarm assignments to adjust for a fire hydrant being out of service. Please remember your safety is our concern!

I would like to thank Lt. Egan for this report