Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Illegal Dumping"

This photo needs no introduction.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Racism Exists

There are very few times that I have felt discriminated against. Once I was passed over for a job because the potential employer was looking for someone older. That is pretty much it. However, there have been two events in the last few months that have really made my blood boil.

-St. Martin's informational meeting in February. I was providing an opinion and following the rules of engagement and trying to do my best to show that both sides had similar feelings and morals. I praised their convictions and faith. The next woman who spoke, took the opportunity to ignore all that i said, and instead focus on the color of my skin, and apply blatant stereotypes and generalizations to me and my character. The moderator seemed to have no problems with this hate speech. Did anyone else? A council member told me later "just let it roll off your back". There is some sage advice there; but should these types of speech and racial name calling have any place in a public (or private for that matter) meeting?

-Florida and NY Ave NE, this weekend. I was traveling home from a friends house on the hill, when I heard a horn from behind me. Unsure why this happened, i raised a hand in the air as if to say "what"? When both of us arrived at the light, we began discussing what she perceived to be the problem with my driving. She was yelling, and then swearing. Neither of these is a big deal, and neither offend me. She did however offend me when she said you are a stupid (insert color) mother_ucker. Now, she doesnt even know my mother, and may need a while to make that kind of determination. But the fact that race came into the argument really made me mad. It also made me wonder how precarious our race relations are in this city.

It is not ok to use racial slurs, or bring up race in an argument like this. It just isn't.


-Sean’s Bloomingdale blog has a great article with photos of the McMillan filtration site. I am sure that the Walmart and Olive Garden will fit perfectly in there….(sarcasm)

-Summer is back, and unfortunately so is the crime

Shooting other gang members isn’t enough, time to start firing on kids on the PLAYGROUND!

Have you seen this man
, who robbed a woman at the Bank of America on 9th and RI?

Disgruntled Youth want to find an outlet for their art through tagging Borf, Magic, Nehi and Inca on everything they can find. I say, commission a mural.

And last but not least, people still hate homosexuals in Ward 5, and have gotten Tommy Thomas to introduce “Emergency Legislation” to stop gay and lesbian clubs from opening in the vicinity of W.Virgina avenue in Ivy City.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cool Photo from NYC

Around the Block

- An update on the proposed relocation of GLBT clubs to Ward 5 is covered by Frozen Tropics here

- (Ted McGinn) talked to a crew which starting surveying the McKinley field today. This project will bring the McKinley field back as it was in the past a premiere location for High School sports.

-The District of Columbia's longtime status as a majority-black city appears to be diminishing, even as Maryland and Virginia continue to experience a dramatic rise in their minority populations, according to census estimates released today.
The 14 percent increase in non-Hispanic white District residents and 6 percent decrease in blacks from 2000 to 2006 are probably the result of the gentrification of once-affordable city neighborhoods, demographers said.
The impact on the city's racial makeup is noticeable. In 2000, blacks made up 60 percent of the District's population. By 2006, that figure was 55 percent.

-Just a note to urge people to contact the NCRC about vacant homes in their area. If we all keep calling, our neighborhoods will be healthier and safer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Housing Market

This article is in today's USA Today. Of interest is that median home prices in Washington DC are up 8.9%, even as sales volumes have dropped.

The house at the bottom of the page looks like it is in Eckington or Bloomingdale. Anyone know where?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bloomingdale Farmer's Market- Take Note

Thursday, May 10, 2007

NIMBYISM in Ward 5

I am quite certain that this post will get me in hot water.

The debate du jour in Eckington is the proposed relocation of GLBT clubs and strip bars that have been displaced by construction of the new Nationals Baseball stadium, to be relocated and allowed to operate in Ward 5 (specifically Ivy City).

-These were legally operational businesses that were closed and sold due to eminent domain for the stadium.

-The stadium (which I support(ed)) has been subsidized by DC residents and businesses at the cost of nearly $600M

-Creation or in this case, recreation of businesses, improves the tax-base, adds dollars to the economy and in many cases can spur growth.

-People do not want to move on this issue for a couple of reasons: its politically risky for the church-going parishioners of Ward 5 (and PG county for that matter*) and that there is still rampant discrimination toward the GLBT community.

-Provided that the area is zoned to accommodate such businesses, there is no reason for these clubs not to operate.

-Partisan politics shouldn't be at play here either. If you are a Repub, you should see the importance of business in the community and the role of Smith's laissez-faire . If you are a Dem, you need to realize that the GLBT community is struggling to have the personal freedoms that others enjoy with little to no repercussions.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Office of Tax and Revenue Sucks

This isn't really a big shocker. Most people dislike the overly competent DC government taking money from them. I certainly do. Just like I hate the fact that we pay federal taxes without having a rep, or a senator. "Death and taxes", got it.

Our friends sent out an assessment on March 1, 07 on property tax assessments. I was more than a little shocked to see how much they had raised the assessed value of my property. However, I just got around to looking at the increases in values for my street. See here

How in the hell do they figure out all of these things, and how can the range be from 7% to over 3X that amount (23%)?

I had planned on appealing the decision, but April 2 was the deadline.... Oh well.


-Development seems to be all over the place in the terribly named NoMa area. Office buildings, rumors of Justice and other agencies moving in, ATF to open soon, the Gateway hotel project on NY Ave. Its popping up all over the place. What will Eckington look like in 10 years?

-There hasn't been the huge up tick in crime that usually occurs when the weather breaks. However in the latest crime report, two suspects were arrested on the unit block of S St for kidnapping and possession of a controlled substance.

-I called the City two weeks ago about two abandoned houses in my hood, and no call back from them. I am shocked. One of the homes has been vacant for over 3 years, and houses feral cats.

-Parking. Available spaces in my hood are getting rarer. And this is before the property on 1901 Lincoln and the St. Martins project are completed. It is going to be like Adams Morgan in NE before we know it.