Tuesday, May 08, 2007


-Development seems to be all over the place in the terribly named NoMa area. Office buildings, rumors of Justice and other agencies moving in, ATF to open soon, the Gateway hotel project on NY Ave. Its popping up all over the place. What will Eckington look like in 10 years?

-There hasn't been the huge up tick in crime that usually occurs when the weather breaks. However in the latest crime report, two suspects were arrested on the unit block of S St for kidnapping and possession of a controlled substance.

-I called the City two weeks ago about two abandoned houses in my hood, and no call back from them. I am shocked. One of the homes has been vacant for over 3 years, and houses feral cats.

-Parking. Available spaces in my hood are getting rarer. And this is before the property on 1901 Lincoln and the St. Martins project are completed. It is going to be like Adams Morgan in NE before we know it.


Anonymous said...

call dcra, and complain about the items that they investigate: rat infestation, fire hazards, unsecured windows, etc.

then call the police every several days, and complain about people entering and pursuing nefarious activities.

it's a slow process, but it works.

trust me. i know.

PalacePool said...

I have just called DCRA again on these properties. Hopefully they will actually investigate this time.