Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Racism Exists

There are very few times that I have felt discriminated against. Once I was passed over for a job because the potential employer was looking for someone older. That is pretty much it. However, there have been two events in the last few months that have really made my blood boil.

-St. Martin's informational meeting in February. I was providing an opinion and following the rules of engagement and trying to do my best to show that both sides had similar feelings and morals. I praised their convictions and faith. The next woman who spoke, took the opportunity to ignore all that i said, and instead focus on the color of my skin, and apply blatant stereotypes and generalizations to me and my character. The moderator seemed to have no problems with this hate speech. Did anyone else? A council member told me later "just let it roll off your back". There is some sage advice there; but should these types of speech and racial name calling have any place in a public (or private for that matter) meeting?

-Florida and NY Ave NE, this weekend. I was traveling home from a friends house on the hill, when I heard a horn from behind me. Unsure why this happened, i raised a hand in the air as if to say "what"? When both of us arrived at the light, we began discussing what she perceived to be the problem with my driving. She was yelling, and then swearing. Neither of these is a big deal, and neither offend me. She did however offend me when she said you are a stupid (insert color) mother_ucker. Now, she doesnt even know my mother, and may need a while to make that kind of determination. But the fact that race came into the argument really made me mad. It also made me wonder how precarious our race relations are in this city.

It is not ok to use racial slurs, or bring up race in an argument like this. It just isn't.


IMGoph said...

well, at least you were able to have a rational shouting match :) my last near car/bike incident happened when a police car nearly hit me head on while he was driving on the wrong side of the road with no siren or lights on. i'll take being sworn at any day over being run over.

(but i still hear your point here!)

B!tch. Or so I'm told. said...

Does this mean that you've never been called "cracker" or "bitch" while walking down the street? In my experience, those slurs originate from children as young as 9 or 10 and extend all the way up into the elderly generation of a specific racial demographic.

Ignorance and mental illness know no boundarys. They are human conditions. Poverty and isolation in the ghetto serve to exacerbate the problems.