Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Office of Tax and Revenue Sucks

This isn't really a big shocker. Most people dislike the overly competent DC government taking money from them. I certainly do. Just like I hate the fact that we pay federal taxes without having a rep, or a senator. "Death and taxes", got it.

Our friends sent out an assessment on March 1, 07 on property tax assessments. I was more than a little shocked to see how much they had raised the assessed value of my property. However, I just got around to looking at the increases in values for my street. See here

How in the hell do they figure out all of these things, and how can the range be from 7% to over 3X that amount (23%)?

I had planned on appealing the decision, but April 2 was the deadline.... Oh well.


Anonymous said...

yeah, unfortunately, it's sort of in line with reality.

however, there is a moratorium on the actual increase. so.. you won't be paying on those values.

i forget what the cAP IS, (oops), but i think it's like 5% of the actual tax on the increased value.

PalacePool said...

The tax cap is 10% over the prior year, but that doesnot excuse slipshod assessments that are inequitable.