Wednesday, May 23, 2007


-Sean’s Bloomingdale blog has a great article with photos of the McMillan filtration site. I am sure that the Walmart and Olive Garden will fit perfectly in there….(sarcasm)

-Summer is back, and unfortunately so is the crime

Shooting other gang members isn’t enough, time to start firing on kids on the PLAYGROUND!

Have you seen this man
, who robbed a woman at the Bank of America on 9th and RI?

Disgruntled Youth want to find an outlet for their art through tagging Borf, Magic, Nehi and Inca on everything they can find. I say, commission a mural.

And last but not least, people still hate homosexuals in Ward 5, and have gotten Tommy Thomas to introduce “Emergency Legislation” to stop gay and lesbian clubs from opening in the vicinity of W.Virgina avenue in Ivy City.


Roy said...

I don't care that they are gay. I care that they are strip clubs that could be clustered together. Hell, I didn't even know they were gay clubs until after I was already steaming mad.

I also wonder why the councilman from Ward 1 somehow didn't let the strip clubs be built into his own Ward clustered together.

PalacePool said...

I am sure you have seen the compromise on this. How do you feel about the outcome?

Why you say that you dont care that they are gay clubs, I believe that the majority of the opponents of this move are people who are more disgusted with the "immorality of the clubs" than anythigns else. I am not saying that is wrong, but there is definitely an undercurrent of anti-gay sentiment.

AZedukashun said...

I'll take a nice gay bar (think BeBar) over strip clubs anyday.