Friday, May 18, 2007

Around the Block

- An update on the proposed relocation of GLBT clubs to Ward 5 is covered by Frozen Tropics here

- (Ted McGinn) talked to a crew which starting surveying the McKinley field today. This project will bring the McKinley field back as it was in the past a premiere location for High School sports.

-The District of Columbia's longtime status as a majority-black city appears to be diminishing, even as Maryland and Virginia continue to experience a dramatic rise in their minority populations, according to census estimates released today.
The 14 percent increase in non-Hispanic white District residents and 6 percent decrease in blacks from 2000 to 2006 are probably the result of the gentrification of once-affordable city neighborhoods, demographers said.
The impact on the city's racial makeup is noticeable. In 2000, blacks made up 60 percent of the District's population. By 2006, that figure was 55 percent.

-Just a note to urge people to contact the NCRC about vacant homes in their area. If we all keep calling, our neighborhoods will be healthier and safer.

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