Saturday, July 15, 2006

Supporting Local Business

There have been several posts on the listservs or on other blogs asking why people aren't supporting local restaurants. The theory being that, this area sorely needs sit-down restaurants, coffee shops and perhaps even a pub. These places create meeting places and can be a cornerstone of the hood, providing a place for people to meet, mingle, and talk with their diverse neighbors.

There are only a handful of places in the Truxton Circle area; Windows Cafe, Pyramids, Vegetate, Thai Crossing and perhaps a few others.

I have been to the Windows Cafe a few times. Sometimes for groceries, and a couple of times for food. I prefer mom and pop shops to chains, and also want to support entrepreneurs in the hood. However, at what point does that support fade due to a sub-par product, and poor customer service?

In my first visit, it took a while for them to prepare my sandwich. I took it home and it was a little below average. I decided today to try again. I placed my order, which couldnt be made due to the panini grill being broken. No Problem. I will have roast beef. 20 minutes later, still no sandwich. I ask at the counter, and they assure me that it is underway. 5 more minutes later, one of the three workers comes out to ask me what kind of bread. At this point, enough was enough, and I walked out, with no lunch.

Is it unreasonable to expect a good sandwich, made in a short amount of time, when there are only 5 people in the place?


Scenic Artisan said...

i haven't had good service there.

richard said...

i went to the bear happyhour on friday at titans bar, over dakota cowgirl restaurant on 14th st and it was fabulous