Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One Small Step for a Man.....

No this post isn't going to focus on the transcript of what the first words on the moon were. I you are interested read here .

The second half of summer and young fall have pointed out a difficulty associated with rowhouses; mice. I see evidence of them every day. But these mice seem to be super smart. Traps don't seem to work, glue traps have been occasionally effective, and the old standby dcon is laughed at by the furry friends. I even tried to make a d-con pancake for their eating pleasure that was also ignored.

But today, in a small victory, one of the ring leaders was snared in the glue trap. The young and feeble were the only ones to be caught previously by this small rectangle of glue. Perhaps papa didn't have his A-game on. Or perhaps it was a bonk, a moment where it wasn't thinking. Either way, there is one less rodent stalking my kitchen today. Lets hope this is not a pyrrhic victory.

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Anonymous said...

I had a mouse problem last fall/winter. I found that putting large glue traps (the ones designed for rats) and baiting them with a piece of bread worked for the adult mice. I also hired Orkin to put poison baits in some of the basement crawl spaces behind the walls. Between baiting and poison, the mice were eliminated over a 3-4 month period.