Friday, January 27, 2006

Hot Spots

This post isnt about that getaway to the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, or even Iraq.
Crime Reduction Hot Spots affect our neighborhoods, including Eckington

In February 2004, Mayor Anthony A. Williams launched a program to combat crime and rebuild some of the District of Columbia's most troubled neighborhoods. Called the "Hot Spot Initiative," the effort brings together the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), a range of other city government agencies, and the private and non-profit sectors for a focused attack on both crime and the underlying conditions that can breed crime in the geographically compact "hot spots" located throughout DC.

The Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services and the Metropolitan Police Department operate the Hot Spot Initiative jointly. In each hot spot, the MPD assigns additional patrols (vehicle, bicycle, and foot), deploys specialized units (such as narcotics, gangs, prostitution, and vehicle theft), conducts criminal investigations, and manages problem-solving efforts. Neighborhood Services coordinates the efforts of other government agencies through individual Neighborhood Services Coordinators assigned to each of DC's eight wards.


Anonymous said...

ever notice how one person clearing the snow from the sidewalks of neighbors (especially elderly or less nimble ones) seems to precede a sudden influx of energetic men equipped with shovels (some not even snow shovels)? from our perspective, we're doing a good deed or just being neighborly; from the men's perspective, we're taking away income. ever wonder why you rarely get multiple solicitations to perform various outside chores? chances are you've already been claimed by one "service provider" (or you're known as a dud). there's a whole street protocol here, invisible to the regular citizenry. new residents who succumb to charitable impulses (or who think they're getting a bargain) have no idea what club they're joining.

PalacePool said...

That is an interesting thing that i hadnt thought of. i did see some people with shovels later in the day, but not early in the am. I certainly dont want to take away income from those who need it, but i also realize that seniors need help, and have few funds to spare.

Anonymous said...

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