Friday, February 10, 2006

St. Martins

All, I think the St. Martins Project details have been well summarized in the many emails from the Eckington Listserv.

I am not certain if there are any lawyers in the group, but it seems to me that regardless of neighbors being for and against the concept, the rules and regulations outlined in the zoning commission are critical.Here is a link to all of the regs. . these outline the regulations for the R-5 zoning classification, including impact on traffic, schools, height parking garage etc. People on both sides of this issue need to start thinking about what are the impacts to the communities that will surround the proposed property, in terms of zoning regulations. A strong argument isnt about verbal attacks, or the standard NIMBY response. What are the facts concerning traffic impacts, number of students that can be handled by the school etc. How do we find this information in advance of hearings?


Scenic Artisan said...

well said. verbal attacks are never helpful.

Ladyjedi said...

Great posts! This is a great idea!