Thursday, March 02, 2006

Accident this AM

There appeared to be a major accident on New Jersey Ave this morning between R and M St NW. The road was blocked for 4-5 blocks by MPD. A cab was spun around sideways in the middle of the road, and it appeared that the gas tank had exploded. there was black on the hind quarter of the vehicle. I didnt see the other car in the accident. Does anyone else have any details?


Mari said...

I wondered what that was. Leaving for work this morning I saw the whole street lit up with red and blue, firetrucks and an ambulance. All I know, 96 bus rerouted.
But it was blocked around about P, not R or Q.

PalacePool said...

i think the accident was on P, but as i came down R ( i usually take NJ to 395) there was a cruiser preventing people from turning left on NJ. Either way, it looked bad.