Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crime Stoppers?

From the 5D Listserv:

Below find the arrests made last week.
03/25/06 (2) Two arrests for UCSA 21 Bates Street NW
03/24/06 (1) One arrest for UCSA 11 Q Street NW
03/24/06 (2) Two arrest for UCSA 10 N Street NE
03/24/06 (1) One arrest for UCSA 1400 I Street NW
03/18/06 (1) One arrest for UCSA unit block Q Street NW

Lieutenants lead a team of officers, who patrol the various PSAs.To Call the Lieutenants' Office, Dial 698-0268Patrol Service Area

501Lt. Ronald
Lt. Dean Welch–
Patrol Service Area 502 Lt. Gregory Stroud-
Patrol Service Area 503 Lt. Corinne Hughes-
Patrol Service Area 504 Lt. Judith Anderson-
Patrol Service Area 505 Lt. Anthony Medoro-

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