Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Unsweet Sound of Progress

This morning I was roused not by the sound of mourning doves, a single beam of sunshine through the window or the din of school children on way to class. No, it was the wonderful sound of a jackhammer plowing into the street bed on Todd Place. WHAP WHAP WHAP.

Usually the idea of the District making progress in street repair in this little hamlet within NE would be cause for celebration. I mean usually this kind of treatment is reserved for the fancy folk of Gtown, Foxhall or Cleveland Park.

A little over a month ago U st NE was paved, taking a large hunk of my pear tree with it. But it is nice to have the street fixed. Hopefully Todd Pl will be equally nice. But do they have to start damn early?

Note: Apologies for neglect of the blog. Posting from work is not a good idea for me, so I will have to pick and chose my opportunities from home. Since the last post there have been lots of activies; Elections, more crime, and a reimergence of the St. Martins issues. I would also like to thank K. from the Eckington Listserv for the computer monitor. Many thanks!

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