Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ECA Meeting-St Martin's Project

According to an observer of last nights ANC meeting, there seemed to be a switcheroo. The agenda listed the St. Martin’s items as a Community Concern, but the board members stated that because it is an action item, there would be no discussion or ‘audience participation.’

The developer of the proposed St. Martin's Project, Neal Drobenare presented the altered design of the project that included moving the convent to the SW corner of the lot. He explained the basics of how they plan to move the building.

To move the building, the developer will dig under the building, blow through all of the windows with the steal beams and ‘wrap the building.’ Then it will be lifted onto a vehicle that has tracks similar to that of a tank. It will then be moved and set onto it’s new foundation where it will be integrated into the larger structure, while keeping an appearance of being separate and only connected by a glass atrium.

Mr. Drobenare stated that the Historic Preservation folks agreed to the changes because they realized their case was dubious.

The ANC voted unanimously to support the design changes.

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