Sunday, December 31, 2006

Washington Post-- Missing the Mark

This mornings Washington Post Outlook section has done their best to provide new mayor, Adrian Fenty with some unsolicited advice. The advice runs the gamut from continuing grass roots efforts to improve services to improving our libraries. The Marc Fisher piece discusses the most important things for the mayor. His biracial heritage, and endless comparisons to the inept 'Mayor for Life' Marion Barry and innefectual Sharon Pratt Kelly. I am really not that concerned as to whether or not Mayor Willams considers Fenty a good politican.

Fisher does get points for pointing out the importance of development in the district including the Anacostia and Potomac riverfront projects, as well as the inherited baseball stadium development. Like them or not, they are underway, and need to be done correctly and on time. Each of these are an opportunity to revitalize, and create gems in the capital city.

The article mentions the formidible bureacratic barriers Fenty faces in pushing any agenda. That being said, the mayor needs to pick his fights wisely. The remainder of the outlook section shows letters from citizens on what their priorities are. Can you guess what they are? From where I sit the top three are; Schools, fighting crime, and fighting crime. But alas, the good old washington post, a bastion of supposed liberalism has highlighted these pressing issues; Gay Rights, Library revitalization, abandoned buildings in logan circle, banning of reversible lanes in Cleveland Park, Parking in Tacoma and ticketing for litter.

Now, i am not saying that these items do not have merit. They do, and each need to be addressed, but if any of you in Eckington, Bloomingdale, Shaw and LeDroit had a few minutes with the mayor, would they be your top priority? How about safe drinking water, repairing WASA sewers so Bloomingdale doesnt flood? How about cleaning out the DC bureaucracy? How about taking the reigns of the school board? How about giving police and the emergency call center the resources and leadership to be effective so we feel safe? How about that for a start?

One final thought Adrian, dont get so caught up in the weeds that you cant see the big picture.

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