Monday, April 23, 2007

Trash, Trash Everywhere.

Spring has finally sprung. Tulips are up, the sun is out, and people are spending time outside. In general, spring in DC is beautiful, my favorite time of year. However, there is an underside to all of this, as is usually the case. Trash. We are still beset with the following forms of trash;

-illegal dumping in the alleys off R St.
-Neighbors leaving trash cans on the streets
-unofficial bulk pickup items strewn on the sidewalks
-take out containers, cans, bottles, condom wrappers and crack bags
-campaign posters
-household demolition waste

I often wonder if people litter because the environment is already littered, or because they just have no sense of civic society. Do people really not understand that throwing your S*it on the ground ain't right?

I guess it all comes down to personal responsibility. Its the responsibility of members of a community not to litter. Until then, the civic minded have to keep things clean. It is our job to point out to our ANC leaders, council members, and the proper authorities when people are breaking the laws (think Lincoln Arms). And it is the responsibility of our lawmakers, and municipal workers to keep up with resident requests and enforcement of existing laws.

If there is any desire to make Eckington a clean and prosperous section of town, with businesses and a significant drop in crime, these steps are a good start.

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