Monday, June 26, 2006

The Less Poetic Side of Rain

While my friend Healeyhoo provided a wonderful poem which warmed my heart, and reaffirmed how much i appreciate her, the downside of the rain has been felt by many. Our bretheren in Bloomingdale, and to a lesser extent here in Eckington, have felt the wrath of getting so much rain in a short time. Many people have shared stories about the tons of water that has ruined or at least sullied their basements.

I got off pretty well. I spent an hour this afternoon, and another hour this evening working in the unfinished basement moving a very small amount of water. Friends from CapHill, brookland and other areas have been less lucky. I almost feel bad that I was lucky.

For all of you struggling to get things dry; godspeed. I hear that National Wholesale Liquidators still has dehumidifiers and shop vacs available, while home depot and Fragers do not.