Tuesday, June 20, 2006


-Apologies for not posting as regularly as I would like. Composing posts from work is becoming less of a good idea, and therefore will be a good bureaucrat, and blog from home. This will reduce the frequency of posts, but hopefully will improve the content. Please keep visiting.

-St. Martin's. The hearing to consider the convent for historical designation has been delayed. this has been covered well by Scott Roberts. I am wondering what caused the delay? Regular red tape, or lobbying by an outside source? Those that want to send a letter in support of the designation, let me know. some in the Eckington hood have some good model letters you can crib from.

-Mayoral candidate Fenty was with a few staffers on NY ave this am holding signs. Can he catch Linda Cropp? Does Marie Johns have a chance in hell?

-Someone busted the lock to my back gate in the middle of the day. wonder why, and who would do that. nothing appears to be missing, and nothing is destroyed. Bored neighborhood kids?

-the house across the street has finally sold, closing was last week. new neighbors coming in. We will see if they will be good for the hood.

- My garden is blooming. Iris', daiseys and the trees are lush. Now if I could only keep up with the weeds and the mowing!


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