Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Extended Neighborhood Restaurant Review

I took a moment last evening to "dine" at Duffy's Irish Pub on Vermont Ave.

This is part of an ongoing quest to support local entrepreneurs in their ventures in the hopes that more and more bars and sitdown restaurants will come to the Eckington-Shaw-Bloomingdale area. Having no choices is frustrating. One can only subject themselves to the "bullet-proof" KFC and Full Yum so many times. Delivery from local restaurants is a pipe dream. You have a choice of terrible chinese or nothing.

Back to Duffy's. I sat down at the bar for a post softball gnosh. There were only about 10 people in the place, and the music was low, and the nationals game was showing on both tvs. The atmosphere is different than most Irish bars. The walls are lightly colored, only a few beer and whiskey mirrors and signs. Clever quotes from Irish authors are on each wall panel. the place was clean, as was the restroom. People didnt have much to say, nor did the bartender.

Ordered the fish and chips. the cod was flaky and the batter was golden fried, but a bit bland and slightly over cooked. Slaw was not so good, but the fries were good. Bottled beer was only 3$, so that was good. 2 beers, fish and chips 17$. not too bad.

I will go there again, but need to bring a group for entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

hello all,

what does everyone actually really think in that area?

I am actually buying or still looking for a condo around in dc.

but i found a nice two bedroom in todd place.

but my concern is... is it growing to be a better the crime going away even tho there was recently shooting.

but I rememeber 10years ago was awful and now and today.. I see alot of big improvement.. new buildings, new goverment buildings ETC..

in all your opinion.. do you have a strong feeling that this area would be a better in the next five or 10 years?