Monday, August 28, 2006

Turf War Continues

Here are a couple of reports of violence in Eckington this weekend. Note that you will probably not see this on Fox 5, or in the Washington Post A section. That is reserved for violence in "white" affluent areas like Gtown and Dupont.

"Last night (Sunday night), at approx 9:11 pm, we heard 8 shots being fired on Todd Pl NE (unit block). Within a couple of minutes, about 7-8 police cars showed up, followed by an ambulance and a fire engine. It was determined that someone had been shot, most likely in the alley behind Todd Place. Police taped off the entrance to the alley, and the shooting victim was taken away. Crime scene investigators took several pictures of the house where the shooting allegedly took place. We don’t know who the person was who was shot, nor who the perpetrator was. That’s all for now."

"Tonight (Sunday am) about twelve shots were fired in front of 1713, 1715 Lincoln Road NE. Several neighbors were awaken from their sleepy slumber around 1:15 a.m. to the sounds of helicopters circling the alley and Lincoln Road NE and MckKinley Tech. The shooter got away. A woman was shot in the leg and should survive.... Per officers on the scene the shooting is a part of the ongoing drug and turf war between Todd Place, 1st & O Street NW and Lincoln Road NE."

This is a continuation of the violence earlier this year in the same area. Let me make it easy for the police. There are bad people with guns and drugs that live on the unit block of Todd Pl. Please continue patrols and your policing efforts. One night of a spotlight wont do the trick.


Kate said...

Thanks for the info. That shooting was too close for comfort and I appreciate the update.

I just moved to the area and I was hoping my friendly neighborhood bloggers might have an inside line on how to get some take out and delivery? Any suggestions for good eats in the area? :-)

Thanks in advance,


Michigan Man said...

Does anyone know anything about Ward 5 councilmember Independent candidate Miriam Moore and her Republican mayoral candidate husband Dennis Moore?

I Googled and found them at

Where has the media been on these two? What an interesting pair they would make for family conversation!

Can anyone give me their honest opinion about any one of them? I am really hesitant to vote based on the same old "front-runner" hype this year. - THANKS!!

jaime said...

"Michigan Man" above is a spammer, and if you haven't been hit yet by Ron Magnus, be on the lookout.

David Gaines said...

Over and over and over and over again the crimes that don't happen in swanky DC is business as usual for the media, the police and everyone else who doesn't live in it. The other week (and almost every week) here in Langston (yeah, I should've known better) about eight police officers flew through my neighborhood. The ghetto bird was above doing its usual circles, ambulances screaming down the street, more police officers buzzing by, the works.

I read the morning papers, the Internet, the TV - nothing! Well, except someone was shot in Georgetown at a jewelry store. LOCKED THE WINDOWS, THEY'RE COMING!

I wonder how many police officers from other districts did they have out there this time? A girl gets killed last week, execution style in front of her infant (and it made the news for a few days), but how many polie officers from another district were out there looking for the shooter who obviously needs ot be off the streets with a stunt like that.

[COMMENTER's NOTE: A couple dozen other examples were truncated from this post to spare you all what you already know.]

Please, New Kid and everyone else, continue to post these personal experiences and make sure whoever the mayor is going to be, there is no excuse to ignore the fact that we aren't getting our money's worth from the government.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am new to the area--I actually live on Todd Place ...and I notice the "crew" that likes to hang out on the corner of Lincoln and Todd. Yesterday (9/18) I was driving home to discover that they had cordoned off lincoln road right in front of that rec center. I think there was a shooting or something. Is there a website where I find out about the community listservs, ANC meetings etc?

Anonymous said...

Hi that is my comment above. I will check the blog for your reply. Thanks!!! Evie

Anonymous said...

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