Friday, August 04, 2006


I know that making comment son this topic is at my own peril. But, isnt 6 hours of overtime a day for 365 days a bit excessive? This particular cop made over $250,000, more than Chief Ramsey. The most senior cops get first dibs at overtime, but 14 hours a day for a year? I am doubtful that all of that was actually worked, I will leave the investigation of that to the WashPost.

Wouldn't an active manament structure ensure that the proper resources and cops are on the street? Does expert management spend 150K on overtime rather than adding 3-4 new beat cops? Couldnt that money be more wisely spent?

Now, here is the best part... The crime emergency which is going to make us all safer is primarily suspending scheduling rules, and providing additional millions of dollars for what, (wait for it) overtime pay.

MPD continues to throw money at the problem, and ask our cops to do more with less, rely on a broken 311 and 911 system and work extra hours to make up for not enough cops.

It would be really nice if there were an actual top to bottom review of the management of MPD.


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