Sunday, January 07, 2007


It was just reported on ABC News that a train has derailed at the Mt. Vernon Sq/Convention Center Stop. there were 19 minor injuries, and 1 serious head injury reported. It is unclear at this time what happened. Yellow and green Lines are closed down. More details to follow


Leila said...

Thanks for the blog. It has insightful information.. I am considering moving into Eckington ( I think... or is it bloomingdale?) and and am trying to discover and understand the neighboorhood as much as possible prior to the move. You mention frequently the Eckington listserv.. How can I access this. Sorry for the comment on your blog.. but couldn't find a way to email you.


PalacePool said...

Just join YAHOO, and then do a search for eckington in the groups section. send an email to the listserve owner, and they will approve your membership. looking forward to you joining the neighborhood.