Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mugging on Eckington Place

Last night, at approximately 9:15 p.m., an XM employee was held up at
gun point on the 1600 block of Eckington Place. Four African-American
men, ages 18-25, held him on the ground while they took his wallet,
laptop, recording equipment and other valuables. Our colleague did
absolutely the right thing in fully complying with the demands of the muggers,
and, fortunately he was not injured in this incident. The victim in
this case lives in the area, is familiar with the risks of urban life,
and took safety precautions, such as looking up and down the street
before opening the trunk of his car, yet the muggers came out of the alley
and surprised him. If this incident isn’t a sufficient reminder of the
risks of walking in the neighborhood after dark, note that the police
believe the same muggers shot their next victim about twenty minutes
later; the assailants have not been apprehended

Thanks to JT for the info.

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