Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sexing it up

A good friend of mine told me this weekend that reading post after post about people getting shot is depressing. She suggested that I Sex it up a bit. No, this doesnt mean that I am going to become the Eckington equivilant of Velvet in Dupont. I havent been dating enough these days to even merit a dating blog.

That being said, the fact remains that there needs to be more positive posts on this blog. If you have anything to share, please let me know.

Here are a few non death related items

-A good source tells me that Sean "puff daddy, diddy" Combs has been hanging out in Eckington occasionally.
-XM is having a rat problem
-The DC parking gestapo has finally convinced me to park off-street.
-St. Martin's hearing is half over.
-Adrian Fenty has hired an Attorney General who up until yesterday wasnt even certified by the DC Bar.
-My neighbor down the street is finally getting his porch fixed after a large dead tree fell on last halloween. A similar tree in the middle of the block has not been removed by the city, regardless of numerous requests to do so.
-Eleanor Holmes Nortons staff responded to a letter i sent requesting she look into WASA falsifying the safety of DC drinking water.
-Paris Hilton is still slutty.

Thats all for now. hope to spend more time posting from here on out.


Mari said...

Two words. House Porn.

healey said...

Paris Hilton is eternally slutty. and not sexy. But that was a very good start.

Anonymous said...

veryhandy, thanx a lot for this blog ...... This wasw eaxctly wha I was looking for.