Monday, March 12, 2007

Neighborhood Notes

-I installed new lattice work under my porch this weekend. it is amazing how much different the front of my house looks with it.

-New neighbors have moved into the house across the street. it seems they are renting, and they have a lot of kids. I will have to introduce myself this week.

-R St residents are extremely upset by the amount of large truck traffic on R St NE. Dump trucks and other large machines are using this residential street as a pass through from Eckinton St to North Cap, while avoiding Florida Ave. Many neighbors believe this traffic has caused structural damage to their homes. A traffic study has been completed, and the city is hoping to come up with answers. Kris Hammond is spearheading the effort. More later

-The Office of Planning will release their verdict on the zoning ordinance tonight. I will be unable to attend the meeting, but will post the results first thing tomorrow. Hopefully the efforts of the 200 footers, the ERCD and other concerned citizens have shown the zoners the impacts of this large project.

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