Wednesday, March 21, 2007

White Collar Litter

Many of you are aware that we had an election back in November, 2006. Many people ran for various and asundry positions. Prestigious positions like; Mayor, ANC, City Council etc. One way to advertise candidacy, and to allow supporters to show their allegiance, many candidates print and distribute lawn or lightpole signage. These signs are full of hope, pride and promise. The signs are bright and glossy, shiny and new. Now four months later, many of these signs remain.

I find it infuriating that the people who have asked for the trust and support of the community, are also the ones who are adding to the litter and shabby appearance of our neighborhoods. Those who support beautification projects of our streets have shirked their responsibilities to clean up their trash. Take some time (or pay some of the many unemployed in the city) to go around and tear down your old campaign signs. Show the residents that you really do care how our streets look, rather than leaving a memento of your own narcissism. To me, your trash is no different than a broken Old English bottle or the remains of a Popeye's three piece box on the sidewalk.

Do your civic duty.

(PS, for all of you that still have old political bumper stickers on your cars, they arent impressing anyone. John Kerry lost 3 years ago, and Al Gore 7. Get over it.)


Richard Layman said...

I am a fervent believer in self-help. Pull down the signs yourself. I do it all the time, including with the plastic signboards advertising various things such as buying houses or junk removal.

Note that the signs you depicted were out of date after the Sept. primary, so those have been up for over 6 months...

PalacePool said...

The Cleopatra Jones signs are still up strong for the most part, including the illegal one directly in front of the Thomas Rec Center on Lincoln Rd.