Monday, March 05, 2007

Piranhas and Sharks and Gators Oh My!

One of the beautiful things about having friends with children is that they do things on weekends that one would never think of doing. This weekend was just such an opportunity. My good friend HH called me on Sunday morning to inform me that i was going to the National Aquarium, and that my arse had better be ready in 10 minutes. I am not one to argue with her, as she could kick my butt and she is great fun to hang out with.

We decended upon the oldest National Aquarium, which was founded in the late 1800's in MA. The current location is in the Commerce Building on 14th St. And what a location it is. Unlike the National Aquarium in Baltimore, this location is dark, small, and unimpressive. There are many varieties of salt and freshwater species all in small tanks. The fish looked to be very bored, and for the most part hoped to hide from any of the visitors. The some of the sharks and turtles were hiding in the corner and covering their faces, perhaps as if to say "why am I here?" and "How did Gary the Grouper get to go to Baltimore, and what does a brotha have to do to get to the Boston Aquarium."

The ambiance is that of an elementary school after dark. You expect to see Groundskeeper Willy mopping the floor. There are lots of negative things that can be said of the place. However, the kids that were there seemed to be happy with this diversion, and the opportunity to see fish and mollusks etc. So, for that alone, it is a good place to take your kids for a short visit.

Bonus points if you can find a blue tag in the gift shop.

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