Wednesday, June 06, 2007


"The verdict is in on strip bars and gay clubs in Ward 5.The D.C. Council weighed two issues that affect nighttime entertainment and the quality of life in the District yesterday but made a decision on only one. It voted to allow the continued operation of a handful of nude entertainment clubs, putting off a measure that would tighten controls on drinking establishments that attract minors.

The decision to allow the relocation of clubs that involve nudity, explicit dancing and private booths involved a compromise that blocks creating a strip-bar zone in a run-down warehouse section of Ward 5. Under the compromise, only two of six displaced clubs can move to any one ward."

In a great political move, the Elder Statesman Gray, brokered a deal between Thomas and Graham on the agreement. Notice that once the councilmen determined there were enough votes for the motion to carry, Thomas voted no. This allowed him to save face with his district, and building the foundation of political power.

-In other news, Kudos to MPD. Yes, you heard it right, Kudos. Last night there was a domestic disturbance that turned into a potential knifing. I called 911, and a cruiser showed up in less than A MINUTE.... yes indeed. Not certain of the outcome, but the response of 2 cruisers in so short a period of time is encouraging.

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