Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review of a Ward 5 Pub.

The following review was in national Gawker Media site Gridskipper

"There are some good things about Colonel Brooks' Tavern, right off the CUA/Brookland Red Line stop in DC. Those good things include fantastic burgers, cheap beers, and repressed Catholic University coeds."

The rest of the article however, mentions a murder a few years back, drug dealers and thieves who also frequent the joint. I plan on visiting this place this week, to provide another segment of NE DC business reviews.

For better info on Brookland, please visit the newly famous Brookland blogger at Stop Blog and Roll.


jaime said...

What a ridiculous piece! I'll definitely link to this shortly...and thanks for the shout-out :)

PalacePool said...

My pleasure! I am headed over there tonight to get "the straight dope" on this place. I ain't scared....