Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Review of Colonel Brooks

BROOKLAND- Area man dines at "dangerous restaurant" and survives.

The author of this blog visited COL Brooks Tavern last night after dark (gasp) to review its fare and spirits. All of the tables were full, so my friend and I pulled up a chair at the bar. We were greeted by a young hipster type, who was happy to pour us a draught beer from their selection of about 15.

Any good tavern worth a damn has to have a good burger, especially a place like the COLs. The old wood paneling and benches lend themselves to pitchers of beer and burger. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger, which was cooked to temperature, and tasted wonderful. The bun was good too. The fries were well seasoned but limp. All in all, the burger was just what I needed, and give it a solid thumbs up. It is unlikely that I will order the seared tuna here, but that may have more to do with me, than them.

The Gridskipper article mentioned a lot about the clientèle in their piece. Mentioning specifically a grizzly murder several years back. The piece makes it seem that this pub is much more dangerous than elsewhere in the city. However, many of you may remember that the city is the city, and crime can strike anywhere including the bastion of white rich folk, Georgetown. The article also mentions thieves and drug dealers. My experience was slightly different. there was a posse in the bar. A posse of retirees who had all of the menace of a bowl of oatmeal. I didn't get too close, as to avoid any offers of drugs. These folks were less likely to be shilling crack or meth, but viagra or vioxx. Either way, I kept my distance.

As for the entertainment, the Jazz band that plays every Tuesday has been doing so for 26 years. They are really good, and the volume is not too loud, so you can enjoy chatting with the theology professor or one of the "repressed CUA co-eds" at the bar.

I highly recommend this place. Swing by and give it a chance. 9th and Monroe NE


jaime said...

Now that's a review!

Scenic Artisan said...

yeah tuesday night is the best time to go. the dixieland rocks. the red napkins that the old timers bring along... the decided lack of college students. makes for a fun night out.....

even before the smoking ban, there was almost no smoking there on tuesday nights......

i think the place is terrific.
plus you can get relatively cheap pitchers of beer.