Friday, February 23, 2007

EC-12 Update

EC 12 Update From Brian Brown (Taken From Scott Roberts Bloomingdale listserv)

See this update from Brian Brown:

I apologize to the community for the delay in posting this on the 19th as I promised. I have been so focused on keeping the timelines I've set for the firehouse I forgot to forward an update.

The EC 12 Firehouse restaurant is moving forward. We have been assured that the XM/Sirius merger will not affect their working relationship with EC12.

We have worked through most contract issues with the city and we have submitted a project plan with proposed timelines to the city. The architects are working on the building plans required for the permits.

We have meet with DCRA (building permit division once) for a preliminary review and initial plan comments and soon as these comments are incorporated and the system schematics complete, we will be applying for
the building permit.


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keh said...

I have not seen any work on this project and understand that the restauranteur, Mike Benson of Saint Ex has moved away. Are you looking for new investors? Will the project still continue?