Friday, February 23, 2007

A Rant on Taxi Service

Living in NE DC is a wonderful thing. We have history, we have beautiful homes, and great neighborhoods. Transportaion continues to be a vexing problem for everyone. For some, it is the fact that most taxi companies wont come to my house in Eckington. However, this summer i realized that DC Cabs (a consortium of independant operators) would come to my hood. They often took a long time, but they would at least come to the house.

This morning, I called a cab at 8am, so i could get to work on time. My car was parked downtown. Over 1 hour later, no cab, no call, no nothing. So, i trapsed to the bus stop. Which was late, as it often is. I finally hailed another cab down on RI who took me downtown.

A couple questions: Why is it so difficult for cab companies to live up to reasonable expectations? What cab companies do you readers use to get too and from Bloomingdale, Eckington, Shaw etc? What is the new CEO of WMATA going to do about consistantly late and early bus service?


Mari said...

Dispatch is bad all over.
I haven't had any decent luck with taxi cabs coming to my home in Hyattsville, College Park and here in Shaw.
If I want a cab, I start walking to the metro and keep an eye out for one and hail it.
The few times I have had a cab called from place X and the cab actually showed up at a decent time, was when place X was a bar, restaurant or hotel. The neighborhood needs a few hotels.

C$ said...

As a former Eckington resident (1st and R NE) I understand your frustration with late busses esp. before the NY Ave stop opened. However, I don't really remember having that hard of an issue to get a cab...I always walked to North Capitol or to NY Ave and was able to grab someone there.

I think, though, everyone has issues in getting a cab if they call them, unless they are calling from a hotel or established business that has high use of cabs. I now live in Woodley Park and am never able to depend on a cab arriving that I called and always resort walking down to the Marriott.

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