Monday, February 19, 2007

Grilling in the Face of Adversity

After a slightly gluttonous trip to the grocery on Friday in which i purchased nearly 15 pounds of meat and poultry i needed to actually cook some of it. As I attempted to fire up my grill, i realized that alas, i was out of propane. I trucked it up to Home Depot to make the exchange. I was in the store for only a scant few minutes. I walked out into blizzard like conditions that would be more at home in Buffalo, NY.

Not to be deterred, I went along with my bbq, and used my rotisserie on my grill for the first time. I made my famous spice dry rub, soaked the wood chips, and smoked/grilled a chicken and a huge slab of ribs. Everything came out wonderfully. What a great way to spend a cold snowy evening.


hunter said...

how come your spice dry rub is famous?

PalacePool said...

Because I said so. It is so yummy and good, everyone likes it. Maybe if you are lucky, and you start posting nicer comments, I will invite you over sometime for a BBQ