Friday, February 16, 2007

The Water Fountain of Evil

The Washington Post is reporting on additional problems with the Districts drinking water. Lead levels in 5 schools have exceeded federal levels over the last 16 months. These aren't just regular DC people, which is bad enough. These are EFFING KIDS that are being subjected to unacceptable lead levels. Why this story hasn't gotten more traction, in both the press, or the DC Government is beyond me. The Water Authority continues to endanger our kids and our citizens without abatement. They continue to lie to their customers, they have falsified reports and test to the EPA, yet nothing has been done over the last two years.

I have send letters to the mayors office, former City Council Man Vinny "the big O" Orange and Elanor Holmes Norton. Only DEL Norton responded, stating "i am in contact with the proper authorities on this issue, and will respond back in 3-4 weeks". It has been about 3 weeks since that letter, we will see what she comes up with.

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