Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Icy Mix Sucks. I spent well over an hour and a half today shoveling my stairs, walkway and my portion of the sidewalk. Even after all of these years of living in cold-climates, I still hate shoveling. But, the sidewalk is safe and passable for all. Hope you enjoy it Mr. Postman! Having the end unit means double the shoveling.

The process was also hampered by my selection of snow removal tools. My snow shovel was "liberated" last year along with other garden implements. So, i was using a square bottomed dirt shovel. After a while, I was reminded of Cool Hand Luke. If only there were a sunglassed guard to whom i could inform, "takin' it off here boss". But there is a sense of satisfaction in clearing the sidewalk that makes you feel good. Even though i am quite certain that in any moment, I may need a nap, and an advil for my back.

I haven't yet ventured out to work, but imagine that it will be quite a treat. between crazy SUV owners, and the others who seem to have difficulty properly navigating the regions roads during sunny weather, the commute should be quite a treat today. Drive Safely.

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