Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally Open

While The Pug is not in Eckington, and more in the , I am happy to report that the Pug is open on H St NE. The bar has been in limbo for nearly 3 years, but according to the Post is now open. I am an unabashed fan of Tony T, and Dive bars, so this is great news. Tony is a great bartender, who will treat you right. Give it a try.

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Here is the excerpt of the article in the post:

The Pug

Since 2005, I don't know how many times I've said the Pug was "coming soon," but it's finally open on H Street NE, just down the block from the Palace of Wonders and the Red & the Black. And unlike the vast majority of the bars associated with Joe Englert's empire in the Atlas District, the Pug doesn't try to knock you out with a theme. Okay, so there are framed pictures and posters of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and other heavyweight greats on the exposed brick walls, and a couple of TVs in the back of the one-room bar routinely show footage from classic bouts. But really, they seem like afterthoughts -- just part of the tavern's decor.

Owner Tony Tomelden -- famous on Capitol Hill for his decade of service at Capitol Lounge -- has a legion of fans that run from cops to congressional staffers, and crowds have been good so far, vying for the window seats or stools at the sturdy wooden bars. Instead of pouring pricey microbrews, Tomelden's offering Schaeffer in cans and Natty Boh in bottles, both of which pair well with shots of Jameson's Irish Whiskey, which is kept in jug-sized containers. There's no food available yet, but the kitchen should be online in the next few weeks.

Sadly, there's no jukebox -- Tomelden decided that after years of listening to other people put torturous music on the Lounge's internet jukebox, he'd rather control the songs himself with his laptop. Shouldn't be a big loss, as long as you like classic ska, punk and outlaw country.

The best thing about the Pug -- short for the pugilist -- is that it's not trying to lure crowds with sword swallowers or bands. It's a neighborhood bar with friendly staff, cheap beers and space to meet up with a couple of friends. Can't ask for too much more than that.

-- Fritz

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