Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Killerz

This topic is all over mainstream media, but just want to say "What the heck is going on with the Metrobus'?" Three people killed over the last week by buses.

Please be careful out there. The ice and snow is not helping matters.

(Updated: Pedestrians are also culpable. Yesterday during our momentary blizzard, i spied a pedestrian, dressed in all black, crossing RI avenue against the light. People need to stay in crosswalks and walk with the light. While two were killed following these rules, it still reduces your chances of getting hit by a car or bus.)


Momentary Academic said...

Right on. I'm scared to death!

Anonymous said...

It's just not pedestrians that have to be careful. Drivers as well need to watch out for the Metro Bus drivers. There is not a morning or an afetrnoon that I do not have one (usually) several) run the red lights in Shaw trying to make their runs ... I see it every day around the Shaw/Howard Metro stop and also at the circle at New York/Montana Avenues.
/Rob aka TruxtonResident at yahoo dot com