Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Big 'O'

Tonight there will be the first COVE meeting at McKinley High School for Eckingtonians (and other hoods) to meet our mayoral candidates. Tonight is the first in the series, which will feature our current councilman Vincent Orange.

I know very little about the man, but from his biography he seems very well educated and moderately accomplished. My field is internationally focused, and his participation in delegations is interesting (although very little is accomplished on delegations).

His current commitees include public works, operations and redistricting. All of which could use some significant work. That being said other mayoral candidates have had issues surrounding their management of committees and services within the district (Fenty).

Vinny seems to be a little short on solutions, and long on publicity stunts like pumping gas, offering amendments on minority ownership of the Nationals and other issues that are not absolutely critical to the success or improvement to the District of Columbia.

I think it was InShaw that said there seems to be a lot of Vinny signs on lampposts and very few in peoples yards.

That being said, i am going to try and attend the COVE meeting tonight to get a better idea of the man that is running for mayor. Hope to report back tomorrow.


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