Monday, May 01, 2006


What a beautiful weekend. I spent a majority of the weekend working on my house, but did manage to get out a bit to enjoy the beautiful weather.

-There was a small block party "health fair" in bloomingdale on Saturday. There were a few tables set up, basketball hoop and a few people hanging out. It didnt seem too busy when i was at Window around 1 pm. I had my first sandwich from windows. It wasnt bad, but not spectacular either. it is good to know that there is a good place to get some necessities nearby.

-My yard is a disaster. The grass seed planted a few weeks ago has come up sparsely. It looks like it will have to look poor for a while, as i dont have the money for sod, and it is too late to plant more seed.

-New neighbor has moved in down the street, lots of new blood coming in.

-Odd Jobs. Mari had mentioned hiring kids to do work around the house, watering, picking up trash etc. What is the going rate? For instance, if i ask the neighbor boy 'C' to pick up trash around the house, that will take 5-10 minutes how much should i pay? 2-3$? I mean, if the day laborers at home depot make around 15-20$ per hour for skilled labor, then 2-3 would be right, no?

-The triangle park just south of the flea market on N.Cap and Lincoln has seen the evolution from tulips to Allium giganteum, which are very cool flowers. See photo above.

-Help requested from readers. do you know where i could find parts for an old glider patio couch? I also need ideas on where to find cheap replacement cushions.

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