Monday, May 15, 2006

Changing Attitudes

After making several discoveries over the last couple weeks, I am indeed going to have to start being much more vigulent about taking care of things. Since moving in the following have gone missing from my house:


Granted, I have no one to blame but myself. Leaving these items out invited theft. I just wish that these garden items could be safe in my backyard. I wish that the hood was safe enough that this wouldnt be an issue. Most of all, I hope that the thief will use these items to put food on thier family's table.

I also was discouraged to find a condom wrapper in the stairs leading to my basement. This was a whole new wake up call. I have seen them on the burm next to the sidewalk. That doesnt thrill me, but I can deal with that. Having someone on my property "transacting", is nearly nauseating.

The point is, steps need to be taken by me to limit the possibilities of theft and prostitution. I am buying locks, leaving the back light on, and working to secure my stairs. If it werent for people like me, (not securing my stuff) there would be no thievery in the world.

I guess it is a good thing for this awakening. I have always felt that man is good by nature, but is corrupted by society. Society's negative influence on otherwise virtuous men centers, in Rousseau's philosophy, on its instinctive human desire for self preservation, combined with the human power of reason.


Anonymous said...

"If it werent for people like me, (not securing my stuff) there would be no thievery in the world."

I like your blog and all, but if someone wants to commit a crime, they will think in through and commit the crime.

Who's fault is that? The criminal's not the victim's. When an armored car gets robbed, it's reasonably secure, right? I guess it is still the armored car co.'s fault if the drivers get shot when they get out of the vehicle, and the criminals grab the keys and drive away. Right?

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