Monday, May 22, 2006


-One of my great neighbors is moving to MD. She will truly be missed. Best of luck J!

-I am renting out the spare bedroom of my house as of yesterday. A tenant arrived last evening, and seems to be a very nice guy.

-Crumbling wall. The brick and concrete wall surrounding the Methodist Church on Lincoln is crubling. There is red tape all around the sidewalk. This job will be a pricey one.

-According to the MDP-5 listserv; (On Saturday) there was some rapid gunfire going off near Bates and Truxton Circle. We received information that the shots were coming from the Third District. We have no reports of injuries or property damage in the Fifth District. Then at the end of the shift a person was found in the Unit block of T Street N.E. They were dead from a gunshot wound. Right now we have no leads in the case.

-There seems to be a bit of a stir about Richard Layman of Rebuilding Space in Urban Place fame having a walk through of the FL market yesterday. One poster on the Eckington list questioned his motivation for this walkthrough. I have sent Richard an email, asking for a response. My initial impression is that the market has a ton of potential, and there is ad hoc changes being made (such as tearing down US Beef overnight), without looking at the way the area could be developed intelligently.

-Also from the listserv, guard your trashcans! Local landscapers and odd job mavens may be stealing super cans from alleys. Also ensure that they dispose of your yard and house waste properly.

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