Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What the H*LL

One member of the Eckington Listserv brought our attention to the following: DOH will be moving additional drug addicts to 1300 First St NE . Is Ward 5 really the dumping ground for these kinds of projects?

How will the area be able to be revitalized, and become a "main street", when we are creating Low-income housing, homeless shelters, Addiction Prevention and Recovery Centers instead of community resources, businesses, restaurants, repairing schools and improving the safety and security of our streets?


Anonymous said...

I have been a resident of Eckington for my whole life and have witnessed the transformation of this community.Eckington has gone from a forgotten,hopeless,wasteland to a thriving and diverse community full of hope and promise. But as a lifelong resident I am completely against making Eckington an exclusive community in which people would have no hope of living in, we must include those who are of lower incomes,other races,and creeds in the making of this community.

PalacePool said...


I am a newcomer to Eckington, and appreciate your opinion. I agree that we need to have affordable housing (done correctly), hope and promise. One of the greatest assets Eckington has is the diversity. My point is simply that Ward 5, and Eckington in particular shouldnt revert back to being the cities dumping ground, and creating a scenario where all of the work and progress that has been made is undermined.