Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Third Street NE

This weekend I walked home from Home Depot. It was actually not a bad walk, and was a great way to get a different perspective of the hood. Much better than whizzing by in a car. A poster on one of the Listservs had asked about the route and how safe it was. So, I paid attention to potential risks. The underpass of the metrorail isnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be. there was minimal garbage, no homeless people (it was sunday afternoon), no condoms, no smell of urine. This underpass is much better than the one near the NY ave metro.

I had seen the basketball court on the roof of the community center next to the Auto Zone, but never knew that they had many other things, including a bowling alley. That is actually very cool.

There was a buzz of activity at the church across the street. Lots of people wearing their Sunday best, celebrating mothers day.

Back when I was looking for a house, there was a property on 4th and W st that I was interested in. It was a beautiful house that had been completely redone. I was concerned with the surroundings, in particular the apt building on RI and 4th. The building appears to be shuttered, and has No Trespassing signs on the front door. If only I had of known that then!

As I walked down third street, I was dismayed at the tremendous amount of trash strewn along the sidewalk and street. There was little to no concern by the residents of the building on the west side of the street to keep things nice. There was also a shrine to someone near a tree halfway down the block. there were several dozen bottles of brandy, grey goose and champagne adorning a sign. I wonder how long that has been there. How long will it continue to be there?

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