Friday, May 05, 2006

Police Floodlights

Last night on the corner of Lincoln Rd and R St, the MPD placed a police van and a bank of floodlights shining up Lincoln Rd. This is generally supposed to bring light to dark streets and discourge crime and drug dealing.

I approve of any efforts by MPD to reduce crime in our area. The shootings on Lincoln and Todd last week, and the violence on 1st St NW this week have got to stop.

I was struck though that the lights were put on that corner. I would think that they would have been more effective adjacent to the community center, closer to Seaton, and Todd Sts.


Scenic Artisan said...

isnt that the alley that the murderer(s) walked out of last week as they opened fire?

also, that ongoing party next to the parking lot of the homeless shelter is right there too.

that junk is pretty bad.

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