Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Shorts

-It was a wonderful holiday weekend. Weather was nice and sunny, and the DC summer has finally arrived. The warm weather will force me into installing window units, or trying to scrape up the cash for central (unlikely). In the meantime, my little end unit is a red brick oven, baking throughout the day. Even the ceiling fans couldnt provided the cooling power necessary for a good nights sleep.

-I took advantage of the Ft. Totten Dump this weekend. All in all a good experience. I was waved right in to dump my misc. house/construction waste, and didnt have to get weighed. It was easy and fast. Not a bad setup really, although if there is a lineup, i am sure it is a pain.

-Had a BBQ on sunday. it was very succesful, first one of the year, and of the new house. All went well. We even entertained the neighborhood kids for a while with "games" of wiffleball.

With the good however comes the bad.

-According to a poster on the Eckington Listserv, there was a shooting on Sat night/early Sun am on Lincoln and R St NE.

" I think there were five shots, in rapid succession. it sounded like they were fired from a fairly stationary position, somewhere near the liquor store entrance. this would've been probably between 1:30 and 2:00. Immediately after the shots, a boxy white SUV, eastbound on R St., turned left onto Lincoln Road and sped away to the north.

a little while after that a fire truck with the siren going came up Lincoln Rd and stopped near the shelter/rec center. [what may have been] a couple of unmarked police cars trailing the fire truck (from two different directions) paused near the intersection briefly. The cops taped off the section of R St between NCap and Lincoln.