Friday, April 07, 2006

Baseball Fever

This is a non-eckington post, but I have to divulge a little bit of information about myself. I am a baseball fan. The grand game that is part sport, part chess, and slow enough that you can enjoy a hot dog and a beer, is back.

I am a Red Sox fan by birth, and continue to be a nearly rabid fan. As is tradition for me now, I attend the first Sox-Orioles game at Camden Yards each year. So tonight marks the begining of the season for me. It also marks one of the few times each year that i am willing to brave either the traffic, or the MARC to spend my hard earned money on Peter Angelos and the sorry team that he pretends to field each year.

As you can tell, I am not a fan of going to Baltimore. Thus I was only slightly less enthusiastic than Thomas Boswell about getting a team here in DC. Their arrival has been wonderful. I attend about 15-20 games a year at RFK, and the Nats are my "National Leauge team". I will have the pleasure of playing hookey on Tuesday to watch the hometown club play.

Bottom Line, I am excited and still feel like a little kid just before seeing my first game at Fenway Park. Go Sox, Go Nats!

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