Monday, April 17, 2006

Springtime and Easter

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter.

It was a great weekend for working in the yard and garden. I spend the majority of the time weeding, watering and mowing grass. The soil is so dry, i cant believe that some of the grass seed I put down is starting to come up in patches. There are even a few signs of sprouting basil in my pot in front. Cant wait for that.

I am really starting to feel like a part of my community. I am getting to know the neighbors and spending lots of time chatting with them. Really, really good people.

We saw the ice cream truck on Sunday! Spring really is here.

Here is a note from the Police: (There was) a robbery involving five teeanage black males driving a white crown victoria. We saw them in PSA 501, 502, 504 and 505 last night. Each time they fled in the vehicle before we could get enough people together to try and stop them. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see this vehicle please call us. We would like to catch them as soon as possible.

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