Monday, April 17, 2006

Questions on public transportation.

One reader has asked about transportation around Eckington, specifically from RI Ave Metro. I have not used that metrorail station, and thus would like to hear from people who have. Specifically, how safe is the walk back to Eckington from the metro?

From the WMATA website, the busline seems to be the P6, is that correct?


Anonymous said...


Out of curiosity, how do you get around if not by bus or metro? Or do you walk to a different metro?

Thanks for soliciting info. on that!

PalacePool said...

I am one of those bad people that drives almost everywhere.

Scenic Artisan said...

i have regularly taken the p6, 80, 92, 93 buses. i havent taken the x3, but since i've been haning out on h street a lot, i probably will.

parts of eckington are coser to the new york avenue metro, i know i am.

i've walked down florida a lot to go to the train.

calvo said...

I get around the city a lot by bicycle, but I suppose that's not for everyone.

I'm at 1st and Q NW, so the NY Ave metro is closer....the walk along Florida Ave is not the prettiest walk in the world, but fairly safe.