Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Going Away Dinner

A friend of mine is headed to Sri Lanka for the next year. To mark this farewell, I invited her, and our friends J and J over for dinner last night. I have been very self conscious about having people over to my house as there are many projects still underway, and i have very sparce furnishings, including an old wobbly card table as a dining spot. I have decorated this with the expensive tablecloth and placemats from National Wholesale Liquidators (total $10). But, hey a friend is headed to South Asia for a year, suck it up. I love to cook, so this is fun for me. To add to the challenge, the goal is to get out of work, get to the grocery store, fight traffic, and prepare all of the food (minus grilling) before friends arrive. I managed to pull all of the preparation together in less than 45 mins.

First Course, homemade guacamole and chips.
Second course, grilled shrimp (not over cooked) with cilantro-lime butter.
Main Course, Marinated-Grilled Flatiron Steak, medium rare, and marinated chicken breast served with brown rice and frijoles negras, and char-grilled bell peppers.

All of the meal turned out great, and dinner for 4 cost only about 45$

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